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uSpark is a new type of business accelerator. Our unique partnership model builds the technology team your start-up needs to succeed. 

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You Bring The Product, We Bring The Tech

Our accelerator program provides founders and start-ups with access to expert technical services to help bring their products to life.

We developed this program specifically to address a need in the start-up community to bridge the technology gap that so often blocks early stage businesses from launching and scaling to market.

Our Roots

Located in Melbourne, Australia, uSpark is powered by Unico Computer Systems, a leading technology company specialising in unique mission critical systems.


Unico has supported some of Australia’s largest organisations with complex, customised digital solutions spanning a diverse range of industries including telecommunications, transportation, agriculture and entertainment. Unico also partners with global product vendors such as Apple, Google and Amazon.

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Words of Welcome
from our Board Chair

“Unico is committed to supporting Australian start-ups which is one of the reasons we set up uSpark. We want to help bridge the resourcing divide between a start-up’s technical capabilities and the quality of their ideas. This is a win-win for the start-ups we partner with as well as for us.”

John Rowland, Chair of uSpark Board

Why Apply to uSpark?
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uSpark’s Destination Start-Up Partner Program will provide you with the technical support you need and stand with you as a true development partner from experimentation to market entry. You can enter Destination Start-Up through a variety of gates depending on the maturity of your product.


Unlike other accelerators uSpark does not deliver educational programs to participants – our focus is on collaborating with you to develop a robust product and launch it to market. uSpark offers an expert technology team, along with helpful industry friends and government contacts to position and guide you through the confusing innovation landscape.

Start your Adventure

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