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You Bring The Problem, We Bring The Tech

We are agile technology builders and provide businesses with access to expert technical services to bring their products to life. Prove it will work with rapid proof of concepts. Test the market with a minimum viable product.

Our products

In the spirit of "eat our own dogfood", uSpark has used its own platform to build 2 of its own products:  

JourneyHub is a smart building technology providing contact free connection to highrise building services such as elevator calling.

InTrax is a racing animal welfare technology initially delivering enhanced povinence and auditability to drug tests.

Why work with uSpark?
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uSpark will provide you with the technical support you need and stand with you as a true development partner from experimentation to market entry.


Our focus is on collaborating with you to develop a robust product and launch it to market. uSpark offers an expert technology team, along with helpful industry friends and government contacts to position and guide you through the confusing innovation landscape.

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