Disruptive Start-Ups by Female Founders

This week we are applauding women who have established exceptional and disruptive start-ups. These founders show that women can prosper in the tech sector if they are given a chance.

Lauren Hall co-founded iVvy Pty Ltd, a SaaS technology company providing enterprise software, that connects the Events and Hospitality Industry. iVvy has raised $7 million in pre-IPO funding. Read more about Lauren and iVvy here: https://bit.ly/37y8mbg

Ada Guan co-founded Rich Data Co, an AI-powered credit risk management software company enabling lenders to more accurately demonstrate the logic behind their predictions and decisions. RDC has secured $15 million to push its growth in Australia and New Zealand. Read more about Ada and Rich Data Corp here: https://bit.ly/3xArRKT

Holly Cardew co-founded Carted, an API allowing creators and businesses to generate revenue by selling products without intermediaries. Carted recently raised a $13 million seed round. Read more about Holly and Carted here: https://bit.ly/3xulBo0


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