Equality in Innovation

At uSpark, we are fully committed to supporting equality in innovation. We believe every entrepreneur deserves a chance to share their ideas and get the appropriate support and funding they need to make positive impact. Over the coming weeks we are showcasing founders who have achieved success against great odds.

Our first instalment highlights founders Oliver Morton-Evans, Huy Nguyen and Dale Reardon. These innovators have drawn on their experience living with disability to develop technical solutions that improve quality of health and life for others.

Oliver Morton-Evans co-founded Neuromersiv, a program enabling therapists and medical professionals to make brain rehabilitation therapy more engaging using VR. Read more about Oliver and Neuromersiv here: https://bit.ly/2Us9LgK

Huy Nguyen founded Enabler Interactive, a platform combining game design and mobile app-tech to create 3D simulation training for the disability and aged care workforce. Read more about Huy and Enabler Interactive here: https://bit.ly/2UUTJvG

Dale Reardon founded Travel For All, a platform providing inclusive travel options for people with accessibility needs. Read more about Dale and Travel for All here: https://bit.ly/3Bj3PXT


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