Innovations Supporting First Nations Communities and Educating All Australians

This week we are highlighting the work of First Nations founders Ruby Heard, Nola Turner-Jensen and Kayla Cartledge. These entrepreneurs have used their life experiences to develop innovations that support First Nations communities and educate all Australians.

Ruby Heard founded Alinga Energy Consulting as part of her aspiration to bring reliable, affordable energy to Indigenous and remote communities in Australia. Read more about Ruby and Alinga Energy Consulting here:

Nola Turner-Jensen founded Crackerjack Education, to educate schools about Aboriginal knowledge and culture through a digital learning platform. Read more about Nola and Crackerjack Education here:

Kayla Cartledge founded Our Songlines, an interactive mapping platform that identifies areas of Indigenous cultural significance within a user’s vicinity. Read more about Kayla and Our Songlines here:


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