Meet the uSpark Finalists

We would like to introduce you to each of the finalists in our Destination Start-up Program. Get ready to be inspired by our magnificent seven below. We encourage you to visit their websites to learn more about them.

Applied Mental Health

Applied Mental Health is a systemic approach for creating psychologically safe and thriving work environments.

Delivered on an engaging and interactive digital platform using a blended learning approach, leaders and their direct reports collaborate in a safe environment to build their capability and awareness relevant to work related psychological safety and mental health risk factors.

All participants get an opportunity to apply learnings directly within their work environments to create a cultural change.

Learn more about Applied Mental Health:


Why pay for marketing when you can get paid to market? Dubstream powers the next generation of fan experiences across Sport, Music and Entertainment.

The key to brand success is to build and grow human connection by creating value-driven communities and cultures that people want to belong to.

Dubstream provides the platform for these industries to achieve this with a fan-centric, emotion-led approach that is personalised, interactive and shoppable.

Learn more about Dubstream:

The Mindful Mum

The Mindful Mum® is an award-winning platform that makes self-care easy and accessible to mums. It delivers a wide range of evidence-based tools and strategies that helps mums nurture their health and happiness - for EVERYONE’S benefit.

The platform is set to be rebranded to Nourri and will ultimately serve as the "go-to" digital health resource that helps modern families not just survive, but THRIVE.

It will provide access to care anytime, anywhere by bringing together trusted content and consults from a network of highly vetted health and wellbeing professionals, while also connecting its community with other parents walking the same path.

Learn more about the Mindful Mum:


Peeplcoach is an on-demand, coaching led, career and leadership development platform and our mission is to ensure that every person has equal opportunity and equal access to an experienced coach to accelerate personal, professional and business impact. The post-Covid business environment is complex and chaotic with imperfect information and very little certainty.

Organisations will only thrive with a committed and talented workforce, strong leadership and a focus on innovation and change. Peeplcoach is making coaching accessible to all team members from individuals contributors to executives leaders.

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Travelling Tradies

Travelling Tradies creates opportunities for tradies to travel Australia affordably to have an epic adventure, improve their health and well-being and become an Aussie explorer.

Travelling Tradies do this by connecting Tradies to venues around Oz where they exchange their skills for stay, experiences or services at the venues they enhance.

Learn more about Travelling Tradies: is a web app that simplifies the making and management of a standard WILL in Australia & NZ. It complies fully with the law governing Wills; reduces cost hugely; and includes value-add functions to keep the Will up to date, to communicate its existence to loved ones (optionally), and to protect against fraud or loss of documents.

Half of the adult population in this country does not have a valid Will. The result is that tens of thousands die "intestate" every year, leaving behind a legacy of cost, delay and distress at a time when family and loved ones are least able to deal with bankers or lawyers.

willHQ aims to Eliminate Intestacy in Australia by getting people to think of making a Will as just another annual admin task, similar to renewing house, car or life insurance.

Learn more about willHQ:


Zirkarta’s map-based, real-time collaborative environment provides a single source of truth for getting the right information to the right people:

• wherever they are,

• at the right time,

• in a form they understand,

• before, during, and after emergencies.

It reduces the time to get information from the scene of an emergency to the community from hours to seconds. It works on any fixed or mobile device, any operating system, and any browser without downloading any software and can be adapted for almost any application without writing a single line of computer code.

Learn more about Zirkarta:


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