The Rise of Bartering

Covid has effected the world in many different ways. We have mentioned a few of these over the past few weeks. This week we are covering the gig economy – specifically trading goods and services without money, also known as ‘bartering.” Bartering is an ancient practise that predates the cash economy and has been with us since civilisation began. Bartering groups and digital platforms have been on the net from its inception but since Covid they have really taken off. There are probably many reasons for this – scarcity of goods during lockdown, job loss and the community nature of most bartering interactions.

Travelling Tradies founded by Adam Valastro and one of uSpark’s finalists, is a bartering platform focused on giving tradies an opportunity to exchange their services for a free holiday anywhere in Australia. It works by providing tradies with introductions to accommodation providers who need work done on their properties and are prepared to trade a room stay in return for services.

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