The Rise of Streaming

Last week we mentioned how the delivery of mental health support has gone virtual due to Covid. Music is no exception. Entertainers have transitioned onto digital platforms to livestream performances like never before. A case in point is Bob Dylan’s upcoming livestream special event, Shadow Kingdom, which will be delivered on the Veeps platform. Millions will be able to watch him without leaving their lounge room.

What kind of impact will live steaming have on the future of entertainment generally? Will it spell the end of world tours? At uSpark we believe there is room in the market for both in-person and digital experiences, and (with Covid under control) both will continue to flourish. After all, while watching a live streamed concert at home is convenient, it can’t match the excitement of sharing an in person event at the same venue.

One of uSpark’s finalists Dubstream founded by Trav Roebuck is addressing the streaming market with fan based content. Dubstream is all about providing access to augmenting personalised, emotion-led 360 degree fan interactions with celebrities across the Sport, Music and Entertainment industry.

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